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Our experience

  • Start ups / new businesses
  • Charities and the Third Sector
  • Public Sector - central / local government
  • Retail and leisure Industry
  • Tourism - local and international
  • ICT software / hardware / solutions / services

Charities and the Third Sector

JJ Kearney Ltd is very proud to support this incredibly important sector. We work with an organisation that provides a range of products and support services designed to help to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families, especially those most vulnerable.

We help find the most effective ways of sharing evidence of what works in the children’s services sector along with the best of local practice with all those who work with and for children and young people, from senior managers to frontline staff. This has included developing a series of low cost high impact marketing channels, redeveloping websites and managing event preparation and planning as well as developing business plans to find new revenue streams.

Start ups

Whether providing the expertise for helping start-ups in the private sector using low cost marketing strategies and tools or helping public sector programmes (spin out) and get off the ground, we can help. We can also help those organisations making the transition from a public sector role to a private or mixed economy funding model by developing news areas of business and new revenue streams. Our specialities including developing cost effective channels of marketing to maximise all return on investment. With recent clients we have utilised social media marketing, customer relationship management software to effectively profile customers so they can be informed of the latest offers, developed newsletters, ran events and PR campaigns and looked at innovative ways of advertising to new markets .

One of our current clients is a new high end performance cycling store in London. Our work here has included developing a marketing plan to help gain council funding for store front development, organising a charity event and associated PR campaign to increase footfall, developing and running a customer database and running a series of online advertising campaigns using Facebook and Google adwords. However, sometime it can be the really simple things that can have the greatest dividends, developing a simple flyer with a great offer and handing it out personally to cycling commuters cost next to nothing but brings in business.

We have recently helped a specialist travel business in Yorkshire aiming to attract customers from all over the world who enjoy the works of James Herriot. Research found that there were 42 countries around the world that bought the BBC TV series. By using Facebook profiling we can run targeted adverts around the globe in multiple languages, developing a community of the most likely customers who we can now keep up to date with the latest news and offers for no additional marketing spend.

IT Sector

We have a broad range of experience gained over many years working with the IT industry. We have worked across a variety of functions including EMEA marketing management, channel and product marketing management and managing vendor relationships all gained through working in the hardware, software, services and solutions business.

We have helped several IT start-up firms develop sales pipelines by using low cost marketing strategies and helped larger firms grow market share and profitability. JJ Kearney Ltd are very interested in working with bright new dynamic individuals and companies  so if you are a new or recently established ICT business or would like help moving onto the next level and would like to hear about our free consultation process  and risk reward marketing offers please contact us for more details.

Public Sector

We have experience working on programmes from across the public sector including the Home Office, Identity and Passport Service, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Justice, Attorney General's Office, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Department for Education.

Our services have included marketing and communications strategies for a wide range of programmes and projects, customer relationship management project management and IT change programme communications. We have helped develop and implement marketing strategies and plans across areas such as financial fraud prevention, employee engagement and getting citizens to utilise online channels saving the government millions of pounds. With our work on cross government change management programmes we have gained experience of managing stakeholders from across all major government departments.



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